Luxury Living: How to get a Great Guest Room

Homeowners usually spend a lot on living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. One of the usually neglected areas is the guest room. If you are someone who has visitors regularly, do consider remodelling the guest room to make it more appealing and comfortable.

Revitalize flooring and wallsRevitalize flooring and walls – Carefully examine the condition of the floors and walls of the room. Does the paint or wallpaper look dull? One of the easiest and cost-effective remodelling steps is painting. Painting a room will automatically create a fresh atmosphere. Neutral and warm tones are always the most aesthetically pleasing. With wallpapers, go for a soft and simple pattern. Next, check the state of the flooring. If it is carpeted, is the carpet stained or worn? You can consider getting a new carpet or cleaning up the old one properly. Try adding new rugs to the floor. It will make the ambience of the room warmer and will be comfortable for visitors to walk on.

Co-ordinated Colour SchemesCo-ordinated Colour Schemes – Decide on colours for the room and try to match them with the sheets, windows and doors. Such a comprehensive colour scheme always looks more inviting and will make the room much more appealing.

Increase Storage Space – None of your guests will enjoy living out off suitcases. Even if it is a short stay, it is be considerate to create some space for their belongings and personal items. Make some extra space in the cupboards and place some fresh toiletries there too.
Access to bathrooms – Ensure that the guests can easily access the bathrooms. bathroomHaving a long walk down the hall to reach the bathroom is not appealing when staying at someone else’s house. If there isn’t any bathroom near the guest room, maybe a small section could be cordoned off and made into a bathroom. It will require a slight investment but it is a good idea if your house has frequent guests. A private bathroom will be appreciated by them and it will prevent overcrowding for the existing bathrooms too.

Make it a multi-task room – These guest-rooms are great when company comes over, but will they become redundant at other times?multitaskIt is a great idea to set up your guest room in such a way that it can serve other functions when guests aren’t round. With the right kind of furniture and appliances you can transform the room into a recreational space, office or library according to your need.
Finishing touches – Remember that the details can make a large difference. It would be greatly appreciated if you had a TV, alarm clock or magazines in the guest room. If guest rooms are unused for long periods of time, they can become stuffy. Remember to open the windows and keep it well ventilated. Just think about things that you would appreciate while staying at someone else’s home and try to fit these items into your remodelling budget. It doesn’t even have to be really expensive. Just a few simple touches can do wonders.

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