Choosing Flooring Options for Your Home

Have you ever made a decision what to do with the flooring of your house? Some would want to have carpet floors in every room while others prefer wood flooring as it is easier to maintain.

Here are some thoughts you would like to consider when choosing:

  • With carpets, you can have an added luxury and comfort with the texture of one below your feet, especially if you love walking barefoot. Carpets can also be matched to our furnishings and walls. It also costs less than wood flooring. Today, carpets are stain-resistant. The stain-resistant finish is woven directly into the yarn or sprayed on after the carpet has been woven. However, it is harder to clean and is not recommended for people with allergies. An Environmental Protection Agency study found garden pesticides can work their way into carpet. “These poisons are then absorbed by your bare feet, by your children playing and your baby crawling on the floor,” according to the study.
  • With wood flooring, you can afford to be given variety. There are many types and colors. Better yet, wood floors go with everything. These days as well, there are scientific finishes that protect wood from scratches and wear. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends hardwood flooring for those who are concerned about pesticides getting into carpet. Doctors also recommend wood flooring for people with allergies. It also is a trend these days that most house buyers prefer wood flooring. Of course, wood flooring can be more expensive.

One type of flooring that is growing in popularity is epoxy floors. The reason for its growing popularity is its toughness, durability, resistance to stains and spills, and lustrous finish. Most condo units for rent or condo units for sale offer this flooring.

Below is a quick guide on how to clean your epoxy floor.

1. Sweep the floor of dust and debris. In fact, regularly doing this will help prolong the life of your epoxy floors. This will prevent scratches that could remove some areas of the coating of you floor.
2. Mix together a gallon of water and 1/3 cup of dish soap in a bucket or pail.
3. Get a mop, dip it into your solution, and clean your floor with it. For best results, choose a mop that is made from synthetic fiber.
4. If you have a particularly dirty floor, you may use a scrub brush with soft bristles for removing heavily stuck dirt.
5. Rinse your floor thoroughly. Do not leave your floor wet. Instead, use a foam squeegee to soak up extra wetness and moisture.

Epoxy floors are relatively easier to clean than other kinds of floors. You could actually clean it less frequently but maintaining it well will prolong its life.

Author Bio : Justin is a Filipino blogger and a writer. Currently working as a freelance real estate agent that help buyers to find their dream home.

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