How Land Records Can Help You Take a Better Real Estate Investment Decision

Real estate investment is an investment that is a life changing decision. Not everyone
can get a positive result in terms of investment in the field unless the right steps are
followed. One of the most important steps to take when investing in a real estate is
checking the land records. It is a comprehensive data of the land that you are willing to
invest in for future. Real estate is a growing sector if smart steps are taken and by taking
land records into consideration. There are reasons why you need to consider it.
Continue reading and know the reason.

How Land Records Can Help You Take a Better Real Estate Investment Decision

Land Records and the Important Aspects

Age of the Property
It can be a land or a built property. Whatever it may be, you need to know the age of the
property because it tells you the property’s true worth. By having a look at the property,
you won’t be able to guess the property’s age. When you have the land records handy,
you will know the real age of the property. It is imperative that you seek for the records
of the land.

Registration of the land

You need to have the land registration detail for a better inspection of the land before
you take the decision of investment. Registration of a land is important and whether it
was done in the past or not will be revealed with the help of the registration details.

Title Deed

Land record also consists of the Title Deed which saves the potential buyers from getting
false information and taking a wrong decision. It shows the ownership of the land and
this is how you save yourself from any kind of fraud that may come your way. It is
similar to buying a used vehicle. You definitely look for the transfer of ownership but
before that you check if the owner details match with what has been provided.

Encumbrance Certificate

Do you want to buy a land that has dues that you will be burdened with later? I am sure
you don’t want to. It is, therefore, necessary that you get the encumbrance certificate
and know about hidden pending dues that you never want.

Tax Bills

You want to be sure that the land is free from any tax. The land record will give you
transparent information about the tax payment and the receipt. The record will be
beneficial in taking the right decision in buying a land that you have chosen. It is illegal

not to pay land lax and you don’t want to acquire a land that has been illegally possessed
all these years.
There are other important factors that will need consideration before you invest in a
land. The ones that you can’t ignore apart from the ones mentioned above are sale deed,
land measure record, agreement details and more.
Don’t jump the gun when you have heard positive reviews about a land that the broker
or property dealer has brought to you. You need a few other items to consider so that
you know whether the land is a potential buy or not. Land record is the status of the land
that tells you legal binding on the land. Is it a white land or a black land? You know the
best strategy to buy a land that will be a buy that gives you potential benefit in the past.
You will have no difficulty in finding the land record as it is published in public forums
for the information to be read by everyone. Maintained and updated by government, you
get a clearer picture of the property and take only a decision that is in your favor.


Bhubaneswar Real Estate to Be Boosted Through the Jagasara Greens

Bhubaneswar is a rapidly developing city which has seen the construction of several sectors in the recent past. Based on the housing requirements of the under construction Infocity II along the city’s outskirts, the BDA or Bhubaneswar Development Authority has planned to construct an integrated township project spread over 67 acres in the Jagasara village. The BDA has called for a meeting of various developers to take their feedback on this project.

The Vice-Chairman of BDA has commented that the BDA shall develop the civic and physical infrastructure like public amenities, drains and road. The BDA invites private developers to construct housing projects on twenty five different plots that have been carved out already. The township shall have flats for sale in Bhubaneswar to house 7000 families. The Jagasara plan has been formed for land that is owned by the BDA already. It is a part of the much publicised South City Township that has been proposed. It has been planned on a plot of 1200 acres along the southwest corridor of the state’s capital. For the past couple of years, the proposal was mooted and no progress was made on this ambitious that would provide fresh flats for sale in Bhubaneswar. At present, the government wants to commence the project with a smaller plan.

The integrated township has been branded as Jagasara Greens and the BDA hopes to make the most of its favourable location near the under construction Info City II spread over 440 acres. The latter is an Info Valley Project by the IDCO. In the near future, the project is slated to offer employment for almost 80,000 people over a period of five years. Therefore, the need to create amenities and residences for employing professionals and their families is necessary. The Jagasara plot owned by the government is 67 acres in area and is strategically located for catering to the demand.

The integrated township proposal visualises an inclusive, walkable and vibrant neighbourhood which would serve recreational, medical, educational and housing needs. The project has several environment friendly features planned such as storm water management, where the water shall be retained in an abandoned stone quarry towards the site’s southwest. Activity hubs, cycle tracks, pedestrian paths and other facilities shall be there for accommodating the different needs of the housing mix for different income groups, including Economically Weaker Sections.

The project shall be developed mostly on middle to low rise buildings that will cover 1-2 acres. Sports complex, schools, shopping malls and a hospital plot shall serve as the anchor institutions of the new developments.

Developers have shown mixed reactions on the proposal by the BDA. Some have lauded the step and have stated that the move shall lead to progress on different realty projects because the sector witnessed stagnation over the last few years. However, others are sceptical as the Info Valley project is progressing at snail’s pace. The flats for sale in Bhubaneswar in housing projects located at Info Valley may not find enough takers as those near the Info City I, which are completely ready have not found any takers so far.

Choosing Flooring Options for Your Home

Have you ever made a decision what to do with the flooring of your house? Some would want to have carpet floors in every room while others prefer wood flooring as it is easier to maintain.

Here are some thoughts you would like to consider when choosing:

  • With carpets, you can have an added luxury and comfort with the texture of one below your feet, especially if you love walking barefoot. Carpets can also be matched to our furnishings and walls. It also costs less than wood flooring. Today, carpets are stain-resistant. The stain-resistant finish is woven directly into the yarn or sprayed on after the carpet has been woven. However, it is harder to clean and is not recommended for people with allergies. An Environmental Protection Agency study found garden pesticides can work their way into carpet. “These poisons are then absorbed by your bare feet, by your children playing and your baby crawling on the floor,” according to the study.
  • With wood flooring, you can afford to be given variety. There are many types and colors. Better yet, wood floors go with everything. These days as well, there are scientific finishes that protect wood from scratches and wear. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends hardwood flooring for those who are concerned about pesticides getting into carpet. Doctors also recommend wood flooring for people with allergies. It also is a trend these days that most house buyers prefer wood flooring. Of course, wood flooring can be more expensive.

One type of flooring that is growing in popularity is epoxy floors. The reason for its growing popularity is its toughness, durability, resistance to stains and spills, and lustrous finish. Most condo units for rent or condo units for sale offer this flooring.

Below is a quick guide on how to clean your epoxy floor.

1. Sweep the floor of dust and debris. In fact, regularly doing this will help prolong the life of your epoxy floors. This will prevent scratches that could remove some areas of the coating of you floor.
2. Mix together a gallon of water and 1/3 cup of dish soap in a bucket or pail.
3. Get a mop, dip it into your solution, and clean your floor with it. For best results, choose a mop that is made from synthetic fiber.
4. If you have a particularly dirty floor, you may use a scrub brush with soft bristles for removing heavily stuck dirt.
5. Rinse your floor thoroughly. Do not leave your floor wet. Instead, use a foam squeegee to soak up extra wetness and moisture.

Epoxy floors are relatively easier to clean than other kinds of floors. You could actually clean it less frequently but maintaining it well will prolong its life.

Author Bio : Justin is a Filipino blogger and a writer. Currently working as a freelance real estate agent that help buyers to find their dream home.

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Four Tips for Renting Out an Apartment for the First Time

Renting out an apartment has its own troubles; there are certain things that you need to be aware of before renting an apartment especially if you are a first time tenant. Read on to know more.

While the economy of 2014 might show some subtle signs of improvement, the real estate segment might not turn out to be best bets for every end user. People, who are looking out for rental accommodations, will have to be extra cautious as a tight rental market awaits them. This is because buying property has lost out considerably on their significance due to driving property prices.

However, this does not deter any end users from renting out apartments. But what do you do before you decide to make up your mind about renting out an apartment. Needless to say that extensive searching is one of the first options that every tenant will have to look for? But is that all? Well, not really and if you are a first time tenant, you will have to be extra cautious. So what are the tips that you need to look for if you are a first time tenant – read on the following paragraphs.

Set the Location and a Realistic Budget

Finding a location is important depending upon your taste and lifestyle. Finalizing the location is important because, if you are single professional you would probably look for a locality that is close to your workplace; or if you are a student you would ideally look for an apartment that is close to your college.

Once the locality has been finalized, you should then try and focus on the budget. Just as the location is essential, so is the budget. Age-old wisdom denotes that one should spend no more than 30% of his or her annual compensation on rental costs. So, it is advisable that you keep this in mind and thereafter go ahead with your planning.

Keep Aside a Budget for Extra Expenses

Just chalking out a budget for the extras comes in handy. This is because you might not be paying for only the rent – you might have to take care of the electricity bills and other bills such as cable. All these hidden costs put together with your house rent can turn out to be much more than you think. So, if you are on the hook for utilities, include these in your budget lists. Carefully calculate all these lists and then end up making the final decision.

Present yourself as a Desirable Tenant

Rental markets are quite competitive so have your budget and references ready even before you start searching. In certain markets, as a tenant you will be expected to pay a security deposit for renting out an apartment; if you are going through a broker, you have to pay him also.

It is very important that you present yourself as a desirable tenant to your prospective landlords; it is a good idea to having your parents co-sign the rental document. Another good option is to carry a letter from your employer as a proof not only your employment but also your identity as a working professional. Some prospective landlords sometimes tend to run a cross check of your credit in order to settle any kind of scores related to money.

Check a the Neighbourhood Properly

Just as chalking out a budget is very essential for renting a house, conducting a thorough research about the locality is also required. Choose an apartment based on certain parameters such as maintenance of the building and the area where the apartment is located. What is the crime rate of the locality? If possible interact with your prospective neighbours and find out more about the locality. If required visit the locality in more than one occasion.

Put Down Everything on Pen and Paper

After finalizing everything, it’s important that you put down everything on pen and paper and make sure you keep a copy the document with yourself for future references.

Author Bio: A skilled writer and an ardent blogger, Sampurna Majumder loves creativity and challenges. She has been providing her expertise to the world of new media for over a year now by penning articles and posts for various real estate websites that cover all kinds of information about real estate. The above post provides some tips on renting an apartment.

Developers getting ready for Property Bonds

The Indian realty sector is finding out novel ways to tide over persisting financial problems. The latest attraction seems to be setting up of Property Bonds. Many realtors are hoping that this will help them keep their head above water by infusing the much-needed capital into the debt-laden commercial segment.

The property bonds are to be backed by the income that companies get through rentals from the commercial and retail markets. This move supported by the proposal of SEBI to allow listing of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) should hopefully reduce the debt burden.


Most of the entrants to the Bond market are located up north where there are a huge stockpile of lease rentals that could be off-loaded at a very short notice. Apparently this surprise move has been in the making for a long time now. The seed for the development of the bond structure was sown by a couple of foreign banks through advice given to their domestic clients.

The Bond structure is based on the Lease-Rental discounting model. In such a case the interest on the bond would be paid from the rental income of the leased properties while the total value of the bond would be given at the end of the maturity period. The tenure of these bonds is likely to be around 5 to 7 years.

The front-runners in this category are IDFC and DLF. DLF has been earning a handsome amount as rental income and this is a sure shot way to put it to better use. Primarily it will be used to reduce its credit.


The bull run of Indian real estate in the years preceding the recession saw many a developer queuing up in front of banks. The intention was to gobble up loans with the lowest interest rates. But the financial crisis that followed put a spanner in their works. The realtors are now facing the twin challenges of disburdening the unsold inventories as well as raising enough capital in order to reduce debt from the loans.

The Indian market has not favoured funding for the bond market. This has necessitated the latest move to come up with unique ways of raising money.

Although it is an offbeat venture, the risks associated are still plenty to discourage an investor. Interest payments could be affected if there is no regularity on the payment of rentals. Ironically this was one of the major contributing factors for the sub-prime crisis of 2008. Therefore many developers are adopting the wait-and-watch approach in order to ensure that the bond market can be relied upon lest it may backfire.